15 February 2012

ECB / EUROZONE / GREECE : 18 Feb UPDATE : ECB Weighs Options For Athens; Hedge Fund Chief Predicts End Of Euro; Some Greeks Welcome Drachmas's Return.


    The ECB is weighing many options before approving the $171 bn Greek rescue package.
    Especially...after the Finns, Dutch and Germans revealed their reticence to deliver all the money upfront...with a probable April Greek election looming...and continuing doubts that Athens could and would make enough austerity adjustments. 
    The Austrian FinMin declared the obvious : The risk of a Greek insolvency is not off the table."

   NEW!!! AND: What do the Greeks think about a possible bankruptcy?
    Reporter Helen Smith talked to some Athens residents.
    They are scared...but some actually welcome the drachma's return.
     AND : This blog follows notable macro economics soothsayers...like professional 'Cassandra' Nouriel Roubini, Nobel Keynesian, Princeton's Paul Krugman, MIT's Simon Johnson, Columbia's Joe Stiglitz, Harvard's Kenneth Rogoff and sometimes even anciano hedge funder George Soros.
     Now add to that list...giant $23 billion hedge fund head...John Paulson (foto).
     Paulson's fund has a mixed record recently. 
     He won billions betting against the USA's sub prime mortgages...but lately has under performed the market.
    Many economists predict a Greek default...but Paulson also has a dire view of the euro.
    He sees a Greek default by March...resulting in the break-up of the euro.
    “We believe a Greek payment default could be a greater shock to the system than Lehman’s failure, immediately causing global economies to contract and markets to decline,” his hedge fund said. The euro is “structurally flawed and will likely eventually unravel."