15 February 2012

MEXICO / USA : Proposed Pemex Deep Wells Scare Regulator.


      Two proposed ultra deep Pemex wells close to USA territory in the Gulf of Mexico...are giving Mexico's own regulator serious pause.
      He doesn't believe Pemex is equipped or experienced to deal with drilling to depths of 9,000 feet or more...more than 2x as deep as the recent disastrous BP Deepwater Horizon well.
     Pemex plans 6 deep water wells...and 2 ultra deep wells...in the Gulf.
     Pemex has long been under pressure to increase its oil steadily decreasing oil output.
     In June 1979...Pemex was responsible for a disastrous Gulf oil spill...from its Ixtoc 1 well...in the Bay of Campeche.
     Ixtoc was finally capped...after 10 long months...having spilled...10,000-30,000 bbls...daily!