15 February 2012

MEXICO : Chapo's Main Meth Man...Herrera Herrera /'El Viejo'...Caught In Culiacan.


      Another day...another Sinaloan narco paraded in front of the media.
     This time...Jaime Herrera Herrera, 43...aka 'El Viejo'/old man...allegedly Sinaloan narco boss ' El Chapo'/shorty Guzman's top meth man...was caught in Culiacan. 
      President Calderon has been criticized by some in the media for going easy on Sinaloan narcos...even giving them a pass...while focusing on the brutal and ruthless Los Zetas.
      So it seems that lately Calderon has stepped up pressure on Sinaloa.
      Observers speculate that Chapo's capture would be like catching Osama bin Laden...giving a huge boost to Calderon and his PAN party...in a presidential election year.