26 February 2012

COLOMBIA : FARC Rebels Claim 10 Hostages To Be Freed.


     FARC rebels claim they will free 10 'political' hostages held for up to 14 years...and end all kidnappings for ransom.
     Previously...leaders of 9,000 leftist narco rebels had announced the freeing of 6 hostages... but failed to do so.
    President Juan Manuel Santos called the web announcement...an 'important step'...but 'not sufficient.'
    Police estimate FARC kidnapped 72 people thru November of 2011 (AP).
    FARC continues to fight and kill security forces.
    Just last week...military cannons battled rebels in Cauco...and yesterday 3 soldiers died...with 20 injured by a grenade in Antioquia...as FARC increase hit and run attacks.