04 February 2012

ARGENTINA / UK: Is London Overreacting To Falklands?


      Despite a recent flag burning...and some rowdies paint bombing a British bank branch there...only 3% of Argentines want to go to war with the UK again after 30 years...over the long disputed Malvinas/Falkland islands.
     The Brits are sending their newest Type 45 destroyer to the area...and also a nuclear sub.
     "It seems to me to be an ostentatious and unnecessary show of force," said Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli. "We could have told them that they could have saved themselves thousands of pounds."
     "Any way of recovering the islands is considered legitimate, except for war," he added. "There is a widespread attitude among Argentines of not wanting to repeat the errors of the past."
     "The problem of the Malvinas is called 'oil'," said an official. "If there hadn't been discoveries of huge quantities of undersea oil, we could rapidly reach a deal."