24 January 2012

VENEZUELA / SPAIN : Newspaper Claims Chavez Cancer Has Spread; Opponent Lopez Withdraws, Supports Capriles Radonski.


      Spain's ABC newspaper is reporting that President Hugo Chavez has 9 months to live...because his cancer has spread to his colon, spine and bones.
     The report is based only on unidentified intelligence sources.
     Some recent events seem to contradict that report.
     Chavez has been extremely active recently...returning to host a marathon "Alo Presidente" radio/TV program...as he runs for re-election in October.
     He also recently set a new record for his longest-ever speech...9 1/2 hours.
AND: Leopoldo Lopez...trailing as the opposition candidate to replace Chavez...has dropped out of the presidential race...and thrown his support to front-running Miranda Governor... Henrique Capriles Radonski, 39.