24 January 2012

AUSTIN, TEXAS / USA : Failed GOP Candidate, Gov. Rick Perry's One Good Idea.


     Texas Governor Rick Perry is now known for more than his good hair.
     Namely...many, many verbal, conceptual and factual...blunders.
     His reputation was greatly tarnished while he was running to the far right...in hopes of capturing the USA's Republican party presidential nomination.
     But...the Texas forever governor...had one good idea...about limitations on Supreme Court justices...as posted on Perry's web site:  "A Constitutional Amendment creating 18-year terms staggered every 2 years, so that each of the nine Justices would be replaced in order of seniority every other year. This would be a prospective proposal, and would be applied to future judges only..."
      Hendrik Hertzberg fleshes out the concept.