31 January 2012

UK / ARGENTINA : 1 Feb UPDATE: Brits Send New Destroyer Dauntless To Disputed Malvinas / Falklands; Brits Claim Air Blockade Is Planned.


     The British are sending their new state of the art destroyer...the HMS Dauntless...to the disputed Falklands/Malvinas islands.
    The deployment of the Type 45 destroyer will be her maiden voyage...and she replaces the HMS Montrose.
    However...UK Admiral Lord West claims the voyage is not a ramping up...for possible hostilities.
    Type 45s have anti-air missiles, helicopter decks large enough for a Chinook...can carry 60 troops...and evacuate as many as 700 people.
   AND: UPDATE :  The Brits claim that Buenos Aires may be planning a defacto economic blockade of the islands...by cancelling all flights.
   The only air link to the Malvinas is one weekly flight on LAN from Chile.