30 January 2012

RUSSIA : Putin Opponents Wary...But Grow Willing To Join Nationalists; Paratroopers Anti-Vladimir Video Goes Viral.


     After 2 decades of warning about the dangers of growing nationalism...Russia's liberals must now weigh the advantage of embracing them...to defeat PM Putin's dominant party.
    “We are trying to maintain diplomatic relations,” said  a nationalist leader. “It is as if we are all in the same life raft, and whether we like it or not we are forced to find rational solutions to this crisis.”
AND: A new (4:13) anti-Putin music video sung by paratroopers is a YouTube hit...viewed over 500,000 times. On it...the supposed paratroopers sing: "You've destroyed the military, the army is broken and you've spat on the soldiers and sent the officers packing. We're asking you nicely: Go tyrant!"