14 January 2012

CHILE / RUSSIA: 15 Jan UPDATE: Moscow's Marred Mission To Mars; Probe Crashes In Pacific.

                                                   AP/ New Details

    The expensive $170 million...but miserably failed 13 ton Mars probe called Phobos-Grunt...crashed thru the atmosphere...and some of it landed west of Chile's Wellington Island...on Sunday.
    But other parts apparently landed across the globe...including the Indian Ocean.
    The probe's ambitious mission was to scoop up rocks from a Martian moon...and bring them back to earth.
    It was launched on 8 November...parked about 345km above earth...but failed to blast off to Mars. 
    The Russians predicted some 20-30 fragments...weighing about 200 kgs...would penetrate the atmosphere and fall into the Pacific...somewhere off Chile's coast. 
    Russia has had a run of space failures recently.
   TO SEE:  alleged :17 Video of Probe Crashing Into Indian Ocean.