22 January 2012

MEXICO : Tulum Called New 'Hot Spot' For Fashionistas And Celebs.


     It's a shock when your favorite sleepy little Mexican beach town is paraded on the front page of the NYTimes Sunday Style Section.
     It's like learning a longtime ex-girlfriend...has married serial husband and aged former TV personality Larry King.
     Good for her...I guess.
    That's the case today.
     Tulum...where I often lived...before a hasty retreat from Mexico's growing narco violence... is described...as the new fave get-away resort town for the world's fashion industry...and Hollywood celebs.
    I left there in 2009...after a local newspaperman...and a politician were assassinated.
    Yet...one Italian mag calls it the 'new Goa'. 
    There are big downsides to new found fame.
    “That place is like going to Fort Lauderdale for spring break,” said a NYC fashionista. “Only instead of shots and wet T-shirt contests, there are shamans and yoga classes. The flight back was like the fashion plane from the shows in Paris. Yeesh!” 
    And, of course, prices are...soaring.
    “Tulum has so many fashion people now, it’s like the Hamptons,” said a German editor. “It used to be more relaxed and disconnected from the world. Now it’s so crowded that everyone’s looking at what everyone else is wearing.”