22 January 2012

MEXICO / CANADA : 3 Feb UPDATE: Sheila McNabb's Husband Thanks Canada As She Recovers From Surgery After Mazatlan Beating.

    The husband of Mazatlan beating victim...Sheila McNabb...is thanking Canadians for their support and prayers...as his wife slowly recovers from extensive facial reconstruction surgery.
But he had no comment on the prime suspect in her brutal beating.

    Suspect Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero has claimed that he was forced to confess...because of police torture with electric shocks.
      Acosta Quintero also says police fabricated details in his statement.
      He is being held for 90 days...for police to gather evidence....charged with attempted murder...and facing 14 years in prison if convicted.
     Police still maintain that Acosta Quintero, 28...alone...was guilty of the vicious beating.
     He confessed...at times in English...and apologized to the family...when paraded before the media.
    However...a media confession is common...and holds no legal weight.
    He also provided graphic details about the attack...claiming he was high on coke...when he encountered McNabb in the elevator.
    TO READ: Acosta Quintero's previous confession story:
    Police claim that Acosta Quintero...aka "El Rey"/the king...frequented Mazatlan hotels to 'get friendly' with guests.
    Mexican doctors had claimed she couldn't be moved for a month...because of her condition.
    Facial surgery in Mazatlan was postponed...because she was suffering from pneumonia.
    Her family also vehemently denied Sinaloa's insinuations that her husband, Andrew...was responsible for the beating. 
   Police eventually dismissed that possibility.
   The governor of Sinaloa did visit McNabb...and revealed the existence of CCTV tape of a man with McNabb.
    McNabb was initially put under a medically induced coma...after being found lying unconscious...following a vicious assault...in a Hotel Riu Emerald Bay elevator...in Punta Cerritos, Mazatlan.
   Most of the 37-year-old McNabb's facial bones were shattered.
    McNabb was visiting Mexico with her husband. 
    The native of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia...is employed as an office manager in Calgary.