06 January 2012

ECUADOR / USA : The USA Lawyer Behind Chevron Pollution Lawsuit.

                                     NEW YORKER
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    Here's a first.
    NEW YORKER magazine is giving away a free read of a current feature on USA lawyer Steven Donziger...who is steering Ecuador's lawsuit against oil giant Chevron.
    A court there just upheld a $18.2 billion judgement against Chevron.
    Chevron continues to play hardball...despite recent attempts to soften its image.
NY: "In the courtroom, however, Chevron has been far less conciliatory. Not long ago, after the company successfully defeated a lawsuit seeking to hold it responsible for the shooting deaths of protesters on an offshore oil platform in Nigeria, it tried to compel the impoverished Nigerian plaintiffs, some of whom were widows or children, to reimburse its attorneys’ fees. (No fees were awarded, and a judge admonished Chevron for trying.) “That’s how they litigate,” Bert Voorhees, one of the Nigerians’ lawyers, told me. “The point is to scare off the next community that might try to assert its human rights.”
        Chevron has been especially defiant in the face of the Lago Agrio accusations, which its lawyers have labelled “a shakedown."
       Donziger's suit claims Texaco dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste in Ecuador... making it a 'rainforest Chernobyl.'
   AND : "In 2008, a Chevron lobbyist in Washington told Newsweek, “We can’t let little countries screw around with big companies like this.” One Chevron spokesman has said, “We’re going to fight this until Hell freezes over—and then we’ll fight it out on the ice.”