27 January 2012

CUBA : Exploding The Myth About Cuba's Excellent Healthcare.


     Pioneer Cuba visitor and author...Chris Baker...writes a chilling blog post about his recent experience seeking emergency dental help in my old stomping grounds...Cienfuegos...that again explodes the persistent myth about Cuba's health prowess.
    He describes the horrible conditions even inside the yuma/foreigners clinic.
    Yet...President Raul Castro has the gall to levy a new tourist charge...for health insurance.
   My Cuban ex-wife was a nurse in Cienfuegos...and she wouldn't even deign to get a consult from the doctors she worked with there. 
    She insisted ALL of the few skilled docs...had relocated to La Habana...to be near the more plentiful tourist bucks. 
   The "take home" is...don't get sick there...and if you do...return home...as quickly as possible.
    ALSO: A new report reveals that 80% of Cuban trained doctors...can't qualify to practice in Chile.