29 January 2012

BRASIL : Booming Brasilia Wrestles With Immigration; Graffiti Warfare Breaks Out In Sao Paulo As Some "Paint It Black"; Online Upstarts Lacking.


     The job tide has turned.
     For decades...Brasil's citizen fled...seeking work elsewhere.
     Now Brasileros are returning home...and many Portuguese, Spanish, Italians and Haitians are following them.
     With unemployment at a record low...Brasil needs and attracts the skilled...and unskilled...forcing the government to deal with a new immigration challenge.

     AND: Some protest Brasil's social inequalities even as it booms. 
     The ugly protests are visible throughout many parts of vast and wealthy Sao Paulo...where a kind of urban warfare is underway...as protesters paint many buildings...black.

     ALSO: Brasil's lack of online entrepreneurs.