03 December 2011

USA POLITICS / HUMOR : Oops, Herman Cane Train Derailed; Tim Meadows Mocks Cain In Harassment Training Video.

                                      FUNNYORDIE/ 3:43...after :30 ad
                                      Sexually Suggestive.
                                      Mature Viewers Only.

    Recent leading GOP candidate Herman Cain has just dropped out of the USA contest for president...after a new bimbo eruption derailed his waning credibility.
    In this video...comic actor Tim Meadows is hilarious...as the 1986 version of pizza man Herman Cain...demonstrating the do's and don'ts in a corporate sexual harassment training video.
   It features an imagined early version of Cain's famous "9/9/9 plan" transformed from a tawdry "nein...nein...nein rule."
    It provides...at least...5 true LOLs!