08 December 2011

RUSSIA / USA : Putin Blames Clinton For Protests; Image Makeover...Putin 2.0 Expected.


     PM Putin refused to accept any responsibility for days of protests after Sunday's disputed parliamentary elections.
     Instead...he blamed USA Sec.of State Hillary Clinton.
     "She sent a signal to some activists inside the country," said Putin. "They got the message and started active work with the support of the US state department."
    "They are trying to shake us up so that we do not forget who is boss on the planet," he also said.
     Almost 1,000 protesters have been arrested since Sunday.
    And more protests are planned for Saturday in Moscow...and 80 other cities...with 30,000 already agreeing on Facebook to attend.

   AND: Experts predict that Putin will make major PR changes to reinvent himself...before March's presidential election...with new ideas and alliances.