12 December 2011

RUSSIA : Moscow Accused Of Jamming Smartphones During Protests.

                                        WSJ / A.CULLISON

     Observers say that the struggle for Russia's cyberspace is only just starting.
     WSJ: "When the iPad-toting opposition protesters gathered in central Moscow for a demonstration this weekend, they were surprised by what they said is a growing but familiar danger to their movement: Lack of mobile Internet service.
     The leaders said Kremlin-affiliated technicians jammed the airwaves, then lifted the blockade as soon as the rally ended. It was the latest instance, they said, of how the Internet has become a battleground with the Kremlin as it has also become the leading method of rallying Russia's opposition.
     "The interference has already begun," said Ilya Ponomaryov, a parliamentary deputy and Web entrepreneur who has been an organizer of rallies. "They are jamming at events like these and we'll see where they go next."