12 December 2011

ITALY: Silvio's Sex Trial Finally Begins With Police Testimony.

                                        TELEGRAPH/ N.SQUIRES

      Senior Milano police officer Marco Ciacci...was the first witness to testify in the sex trial of former PM and anciano billionaire Silvio Berlusconi.
     Ciacci claimed to have strong evidence that teenage exotic dancer Karima El Mahroug...aka Ruby Heartstealer...worked as a prostitute while attending Berlusconi's infamous "bunga bunga" sex parties.
     "There was a series of converging elements, (including) witness declarations and numerous wire taps," he said.
     Another witness, Caterina Pasquino, an ex-flat mate of El Mahroug's...had told investigators in 2010: "I remember that she said she was very friendly with the prime minister and that she had often been to his house where she had had dinner, danced and had sex with him, for which he paid her a lot of money."
     If convicted...Berlusconi could face up to 15 years on two charges.