04 December 2011

RUSSIA : 5 Dec. UPDATE: Thousands Protest Election In Moscow; 300 Arrested; Putin's Party Loses Support and 77 Seats.

                                         LINK CHANGE/ RIAN NOVESTI

     After an election day marred by hackers attacking websites of Echo Moskvi, the leading independent radio station, independent observer GOLOS...and others with denial of service attacks...about 5,00o-10,000 protested in Moscow...shouting 'Russia without Putin'.
     It was the biggest protest in Moscow in years.
     Some 300, mostly young people, were arrested.
     As predicted...voters dealt PM Putin's party a setback in the parliament...with only about 50% support vs 64% in 2007...and a loss of 77 seats.
    Experts are calling these electoral results a major 'loss of face' for Putin...and underline his declining popularity.
     TO READ: about election results and rash of violations: