03 December 2011

RUSSIA: Election Monitor Chief Detained Before Parliament Vote; Widespread Corruption Eats Away Confidence.


     Lilya Shibanova (above)...the leader of GOLOS...Russia's only independent election monitoring group...was detained at an airport for 12 hours ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary vote.
     Shibanova was held for refusing to hand over her laptop "for checking"...fearing it would be confiscated.
     Just yesterday...GOLOS was fined $1,000 for allegedly violating election law.
     GOLOS says it has received over 5,000 election complaints...many involving Putin's United Russia party.

    AND:  a revealing report about widespread Russian corruption: How many lowly bureaucrats and pols live in mansions and drive expensive cars on small state salaries. 
    But most shocking...is the case of whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky (above)...who discovered massive fraud...revealed it...and died in prison because of it.