19 December 2011

MEXICO : With New Tough Restrictions...Narcos Launder Money The Cali Way...By Trading Goods.

LATIMES/ 2 screen read combined.
T.Wilkinson, K.Ellingwood

LAT:   "Faced with new restrictions on the use of U.S. cash in Mexico, drug cartels are using an ingenuous scheme to move their ill-gotten dollars south under the guise of legitimate cross-border commerce.
U.S. and Mexican authorities say trade-based money-laundering may be the most clever — and hardest to detect — way in which traffickers are washing and distributing their billion-dollar profits."
     Using a method perfected by Colombia's narcos...money launderers use dollars to purchase a commodity...and export it to Mexico or another foreign country.
    The infamous alleged Sinaloan narco...Blanca Cazares (foto)...first set the example for Mexico.
    She imported Asian silk to the L.A paid for in USD...and then exported it to her shops in Mexico...where she sold it at a high prices...in pesos.