24 December 2011

LATIN AMERICA / FRANCE : Faulty French Breast Implants Worry Authorities.


     Thousands of women around the world have breast implants...made from industrial silicone...reportedly used for mattresses...by the bankrupt and disgraced French film PIP.
     They are especially common in Venezuela, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.
     At least 25,000 were implanted in Brasil before they were banned in 2010.
     France has announced that it will pay its 30,000 citizens to have them removed before they  rupture.
      Some countries have reported abnormally high rupture rates.
     The French health ministry admits there is no proven cancer risk from the faulty implants.
     Interpol is seeking the French executive responsible for the switch...Jean-Claude Mas, 72 (foto)...last seen in Costa Rica.