07 December 2011

COSTA RICA / NICARAGUA : Analysis: Border Tensions Boil Over New Highway.

                                          T.ROGERS / Detailed Analysis

     Costa Rica is almost finished building a 120 km highway thru the selva along the disputed San Juan river...that has been at the heart of an ongoing nasty border dispute with Nicaragua.
     Now Nico environmentalists are asking a central american court to stop the construction.
    “I am afraid the results of this are going to be devastating,” said a spokesman. “Costa Rica wants to build this road to bring tourists to the Río San Juan, but the only thing the tourists are going to see is all the environmental destruction that Costa Rica has caused in the region.”
     Nicaragua angered Ticos when it began dredging the San Juan...allegedly in Costa Rican territory.
     Costa Rica has sent that case to the International Court in the Hague.