06 December 2011

IRAN / VENEZUELA / BOLIVIA / ARGENTINA: Cristina Flirts With Tehran As It Does Big Business With Chavez And Morales.


     Argentina's exports to Iran soared more than 70% in 2010 to $1.5bn...as Tehran has become its biggest buyer of corn.
    "As the rest of us work to pressure Iran to end its nuclear weapons program and stop supporting terrorism, Argentina's government has been considering moving in the opposite direction," an envoy observed.
     And more suspicions grew when Argentina's U.N. ambassador remained while Iran's President Ahmadinejad attacked Israel, Europe and USA in a speech. Many other envoys left the chamber in protest.
     President Cristina Fernandez is also close to Venezuela's Chavez and Bolivia's Morales...who do big business with Iran.
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      Iran has reportedly signed $17bn in deals with Chavez...and $1bn with Morales...with growing military and intelligence cooperation.