11 November 2011

FRANCE / IMF : 17 Nov. UPDATE: More Sordid Details Revealed About "DSK" Allegations In Lille Puta Ring.

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     Dominique Strauss-Kahn...aka"DSK"...used to be the king of the universe.
     But that nasty sex scandal with a NYC hotel maid...forced him to resign from the IMF.
     He has been trying to live in solitude in France.
     But recently his name has been linked to an alleged prostitution ring...at Lille's Hotel Carlton.
     Now more sordid details are emerging about it...that might make even that randy anciano loathe-ario Silvio Berlusconi...blush with pride.  
     A French call girl named 'Florence'  reportedly told police that she participated in 11 orgy sessions with 'DSK' in 6 years. 
    And she spilled much more dirt.