28 October 2011

VENEZUELA : Hugo Calls Missing Doctor Navarrete "A Big Fat Liar"; Ramon Guillermo Aveledo Organizes The New Opposition.


     President Hugo Chavez has lashed out again at Doctor Salvador Navarrete, who claimed to be Chavez's family doctor and stated that Hugo had less than 2 years to live.
     In June...Chavez had a cancerous tumor removed but still refuses to reveal any details about it. Since then...Chavez has undergone 4 chemo treatments.
    Navarrete had speculated that Chavez had an aggressive sarcoma.
    The doctor fled Venezuela after voicing his opinion and police searched his office.
    "He's a big fat liar. I hope he shows his face," Chavez said.
    "He presents himself as a doctor of my family -- he isn't. He says that he operated on my mother -- he didn't"...and that he "never performed a single test on me," said Chavez.

     ALSO from AP: The new key to the Chavez opposition is ex-baseball exec. Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, 61.