31 October 2011

MEXICO: 2 Nov. UPDATE: Alleged 'Anonymous' Hackers Back-Off Outing Zetas Supporters.

                                         LINK CHANGE/ GUARDIAN

     Another twist on the October video threat against the brutal Zetas narco gang. 
     The Zetas were threatened...online in a video posted on 8 October from hackers claiming to be members of 'Anonymous'...a group infamous for online attacks against banks, governments and businesses...that threatened to publicly 'out' supporters of the brutal Los Zetas narco gang.
    It warned of revealing the names, photographs and addresses of Zetas supporters "if necessary"...because the narcos had allegedly kidnapped a Veracruz Anonymous member.
    But now some hackers have backed off from the outing narco supporters...while others are  claiming nobody was kidnapped.
    Also an Austin security business claims that the Zetas planned to hire their own hackers to track down the online outers...and take care of them.

   TO SEE 8 Oct. ANONYMOUS 2:31 Video in ESP: