30 October 2011

EUROZONE / ECB / ITALY: New ECB President Mario Draghi...Profiled.

                                         NYTIMES/ L.THOMAS, J.EWING
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     Mario Draghi, 63, is the new president of the European Central Bank...succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.
    What kind of central banker will he be?
    Many have criticized the outgoing Trichet for raising interest rates despite a slowing economy...and his steadfast unwillingness to float controversial eurobonds.
    Draghi's past suggests that people see what they want to see in him.
    “I can only guess where he will go with monetary policy,” said an economist.
     Draghi was nicknamed "Super Mario" in the 1990's when he helped privatize many of Italy's businesses to facilitate joining the eurozone...and steer it away from economic disaster.