26 October 2011

COLOMBIA: Prez. Santos Wants Pot Legalized...Worldwide.

                                         TELEGRAPH / R.YAPP

     President Juan Manuel Santos believes that marijuana should be legalized globally so resources can be used to combat harder drugs like cocaine and heroin.
     "The world needs to discuss new approaches...we are basically still thinking within the same framework as we have done for the last 40 years," Santos said.
    Santos explained that he cannot be the first to make the move, "because for Colombia, this is a matter of national security."
    "Drug trafficking is what finances the violence and the irregular groups in our country. I would be crucified if I took the first step. We need to insist on more multinational actions on drug trafficking and innovate the ways we are dealing with it,"he said.
      Santos now joins other Latin leaders asking for a major rethink of anti-drug policies...especially for pot.