31 October 2011

BRASIL: MP Freixo Flees Rio After Mafiosa Threats.


     MP Marcelo Freixo, 44...Rio's top anti-mafia campaigner will flee Brasil after 7 credible death threats this month from mafiosas.
     Freixo has long worked for change in Rio's prisons and favelas.
     Mafia threats are not taken lightly in Rio.
     Anti-mafia Judge Patricia Acioli was assassinated by alleged milicias in August in front of her Niteroi home.
    "Everything has changed. I have to go everywhere with bodyguards. I have a bulletproof car. I go out far less. I have to constantly change my routine. There are parts of Rio I can't go to anymore," said Freixo.
    "I am leaving the country but this is not a retreat. It does not mean I regret taking on the mafia. I will return and I will keep fighting," he told newspaper O GLOBO.