29 October 2011

BRASIL: 31 Oct. UPDATE: Ex-President Lula da Silva Has Throat Cancer; Undergoing Chemo.

                                         LINK CHANGE/ AP / B.BROOKS

      Popular former 2 term President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 66, has been diagnosed with throat cancer...and will immediately undergo outpatient chemo treatments in Sao Paulo.
     The doctors say the cancer was caught early...and hadn't spread.
     Lula left office almost 11 months ago...with about 87% approval. 
     He helped lift 21 million out of poverty...and reduced Brasil's dread inflation by more than half.
    A Sao Paulo cafe employee reacted: "...this makes me sad. The things he did helped me a lot.
If he could be re-elected again, I would vote for him, smiling."
   But it puts Lula's return...and even his role in future politics...into question.