20 July 2011

VENEZUELA : Lines...Are A Fact Of Life...And History...In Caracas.

                       NYTIMES / S.Romero
    Ah, another condition that Cuba and Venezuela share...besides random food shortages and electricity "apagones"/blackouts...are long lines.
    In Cuba, they are called "colas"...and they are everywhere...for anything worthwhile.
    Having never been to Caracas...I had no idea they have also existed...and persisted there, as well.
NYT: “Lines for us are like a spouse from time immemorial whom we cannot stand, but without whom we cannot exist,” said Jorge Sayegh, a columnist for the newspaper El Universal who wrote this year about Venezuelans’ acceptance of, even fondness, for lines. “We’re attracted to lines like flies to honey; we actually love them.”