30 April 2013

PERU / ECUADOR : 07 May UPDATE: VIDEO: Lima And Quito Withdraw Ambassadors...After Lima Supermarket Brawl; New Envoys To Be Named.

      3rd LINK CHANGE/ With Video 

       On 21 April...2 women cut in line at a Lima supermercado...and sent Ecuador's ambassador into a cursing rage.
      Lima then politely asked that Quito consider recalling Ambassador Rodrigo Riofrio.
      Now...both nations temporarily withdrew their ambassadors...after a video was shown on Peruvian TV...capturing Quito's envoy swatting the women with a magazine...but only after she struck out at him.
      Now...both nations announced they will name new envoys.
      Ambassador Riofrio will not be fired...but sent to another posting.
      The woman claims Riofrio called her an ignorant indigena...like most Peruvians.