11 April 2013

AUSTIN / FRANCE : Report Claims Disgraced Biker Armstrong Sells Texas Home...To Pay Mounting Legal Costs.

     A Texas newspaper reports that disgraced biker Lance Armstrong has sold his nearly 8,000 square foot West Austin mansion and 1.7 acres...to pay mounting legal bills. 
     Armstrong bought the home in 2004...and renovated it.
     Recently...he was reportedly seeking $10 mn.
     Tax record list its value at $3.9 mn.
     The newspaper says a local businessman took out a $3.1 mn loan to purchase the property.
     There are many lawsuits pending against Armstrong after his recent admission to drugging during his career when he 'won' 7 Tour de France titles.
    The prestigious titles were stripped from him.. and removed from record books.
    A spokesman says Armstrong will remain in Austin.
    Armstrong owns or has owned homes in Colorado, Hawaii, Spain, New York and the Bahamas.