16 March 2013

VENEZUELA : 17 Mar UPDATE: Hugo Chavez's Corpse Moved To New Caracas Locale; Election Campaign Begins; Maduro Accuses USA Of Plotting Coup.

       Thousands lined the streets of Caracas on Friday...to witness and honor dead President Hugo Chavez...as a cortege moved his body...12 miles/20 km...from a military college where he laid in state for 10 days...to a military museum in the slum neighborhood...where he began his career in a failed 1992 coup.
     It was also revealed that Chavez's body will not be permanently embalmed...because the decision to preserve it...was made too late...and it would have to be moved from Caracas...and sent to Russia for 7-9 months for the procedures.
     NEW!!! Acting President Maduro is charging that the USA's CIA is planning to kill his presidential opponent Henrique Capriles Radonski...and bring about a coup...ahead of the 14 April election.
      Polls give the inexperienced politico Maduro at least a 10 point lead over Capriles... riding a wave of sympathy after popular President Hugo Chavez's death from cancer.
     Capriles Radonski has been campaigning on curbing surging crime...and ending Cuba's 100,000 bbl daily favorable oil deal.