07 February 2013

UKRAINE / RUSSIA / TAJIKISTAN : Kyiv Says Nyet To Gazprom's $7 Billion Bill; Detains Wanted Tajik Ex-PM.

    As expected...Kyiv has rejected a Gazprom bill of 5.1 bn euros/$7 billion...for unused nat gas...it was contracted to buy in 2012.
      Russia claims Ukraine must pay because it was obligated to pay for 52 bn cubic meters... even if it used only 27 bn cubic meters.
      Complicating the issue...former PM Yulia Tymoshenko was convicted and sentenced to 7 years for exceeding her authority and inking the gas deal in 2009.
     President Yanukovych has bitterly complained about lack of support from Europe over the billing dispute.
     Many EU nations consider Kyiv's treatment of imprisoned opposition leader Tymoshenko to be inhumane, illegal and politically motivated.
   ALSO: Kyiv has detained former Tajik PM Abdulmalik Abdullojonov, 64...wanted for questioning for the 1997 assassination attempt on a Tajik political rival. 
     He was detained at the airport on a flight from the USA...where he lives.