10 February 2013

PANAMA / COLOMBIA : Panama Pinches Medellin Narco Capo Pichi; 18 Injured, 1,900 Homes Damaged By 6.9 Quake.

     Notorious Medellin narco lord Pichi...has been pinched in Panama.
     Officials believe that Pichi led the narco gang called The Office...and that he ordered 9 rivals killed last December in a luxurious villa outside Medellin.
     He was also wanted in the murder of 2 anti-narco cops in 2012.
     President Santos sent his appreciation...tweeting...'A good hit'.

     A strong and deep 6.9-7.0 magnitude quake on Saturday centered at Pasto...shook the SW provinces of Narino, Cauca and Valle...at last count...injuring at least 15...and damaging 1,900 homes.

     AND...Medellin has been plagued by increased violence lately...especially gang warfare...
in Comuna 8.