27 February 2013

MEXICO / USA : 03 March UPDATE: Gordillo's Calif. Real Estate Revealed; Powerful Teachers Union Chief Gordillo Arrested.

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            The real values of jailed teacher's union head Elba Esther Gordillo USA assets are finally being revealed.
           Gordillo, 68...was arrested Tuesday...one day after President Enrique Pena Nieto signed a new law reforming Mexico's education system
            Gordillo...aka La Maestra/the Teacher...longtime leader of the powerful 1.5 million member teachers union...was arrested for corruption.
        The old education system allowed teaching jobs to be sold...or inherited.
        Officials charge that Gordillo embezzled 2 billion pesos/$160-200 million from her union...that she used to pay for $17,000 in plastic surgery, to buy 2 properties in an exclusive gated San Diego neighborhood currently valued at $9 million, to chart private planes...to pay-off $3 million in credit card charges at a high end USA department store...and to hide in Swiss and Liechtenstein bank accounts.
      She also owned several high end Mexico City apartments.
      If convicted...she could face 30 years in prison....although she might be permitted house arrest when she turns 70.
      Because of several illnesses...she was transferred to another jail.
      Observers say Gordillo's arrest may be President Pena Nieto's way of warning other powerful union bosses to curb their abuses...and compromise on new reforms.
      They believe Pemex union chief Romero Deschamps could be next to feel the heat.
      EPN won the presidency by only 39%.