14 February 2013

COLOMBIA : 15 Feb Update: FARC Releases 2 Police Captives ELN Frees 5 Workers; FARC Recently Killed 7 Soldiers, Wounded 5 In Caqueta.


     FARC finally released 2 police held captive since 25 January but not a soldier...blaming the media's presence.
    The soldier may be freed Saturday.
    President Santos had called any delay 'unacceptable.'
    The smaller narco/oro terrorists ELN released 5 miners captured on 18 January.
    The FARC narco/oro terrorists have killed at least 7 soldiers...and wounded 5 more...in southern Caqueta province recently...in FARC's deadliest attacks since peace talks got underway.
     Since the unilateral ceasefire ended on 20 January...FARC has resumed taking new hostages and blowing-up energy infrastructures.