28 January 2013

POLAND / USA / UK / IRELAND : 30 Jan UPDATE: Shale Gas Falters; CIA 'Black Site' Probe Languishes; Frozen Beef/Horse Meat Burgers Upset Brits.


       The Pulitzer Center reports that Warsaw awarded 111 shale gas concessions to 30 companies.
       But...the results...so far...have been disappointing.
       Few wells have been drilled.
       Experts blame difficult geology, a poor service sector and infrastructure...and regulatory and tax uncertainties.
      Also...estimates of Poland's nat gas potential have been drastically lowered by 10 fold.
     ALSO: Lawyers for 2 men illegally held in a Polish 'black site' jail outside of Warsaw... believe that Warsaw is slow walking the probe...to avoid embarrassment.
    An investigation has been underway...for 5 years.
    There are claims that Lithuania and other nations also hosted 'black sites.'

       UPDATE!!! LINK CHANGE: Many Brits are upset that frozen beef burgers sold at Tesco and other markets...contained up to 29% horse meat.  
      It came from Silvercrest...an Irish distributor...but DNA tests showed the horse meat originated in Poland.