30 January 2013

POLAND / EUROZONE / EU : 31 Jan UPDATE: EU Stops $1.3 Bn In Road Funds; Euro Adoption Debate Heats Up.

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      The EU has stopped nearly 1 billion euros/$1.35 bn in funding for Polish road improvements...because of suspected fraud.
      10 construction firms bosses have been charged with price fixing.
       Poland has some of the EU's worst roads...and highest traffic accident death count.
AND...Warsaw has just released its 2012 growth figures.
     Poland's economy expanded by only 2%...vs 4.3% in 2011...and some experts are projecting a lowly 2.2% in 2013.
     Pessimists suggest that 1.5% is more likely.
     The dreary figures only highlight a debate about when Poland should adopt the euro.
     Fewer than 33% of Poles support dropping their zloty for the seemingly troubled euro. 
     Popular President Bronislaw Komorowski is taking a go slow attitude...suggesting 2015...while PM Donald Tusk is pushing for a decision 'in the coming months.'