08 January 2013

ITALY / EUROZONE : Berlusconi Blasts Monti In Blitz To Block Bersani...And Torture Markets; Mussolini Cult...Lives On.


      Slippery Silvio is back...deftly playing political chess...employing frequent media broadsides levelled at technocrat...and newly announced candidate...PM Mario Monti.
      Berlusconi has apparently sacrificed his deep desire to return as PM...by joining with the right's Northern League...to blast Monti and erode his support in the senate...and thus block...or weaken the likely win of center/left candidate Pier Luigi Bersani(below).
     Silvio is promising to roll back Monti's unpopular property tax...and even cut down the number of seats in parliament.
    What it really means...is more uncertainty and instability...for Italy and the markets.
      ALSO: Some Italians still refuse to admit dictator Benito Mussolini ever did anything wrong...like assaulting Greece, Ethiopia and Albania...even after he was executed by partisans in Milano and strung-up upside down...like a fine Parma ham. 
      They flock to honor him in the little town of Predappio where he was buried.
      There are calendars, coffee mug and wines featuring Il Duce...and even a phone app to watch videos of him.