25 January 2013

CHILE / EU : 26 Jan UPDATE: Santiago Hosts Latin American Summit; EU Warns Of Protectionism; Some Protest Raul Castro.

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    European leaders...and finance ministers...left icy Davos...to attend a 2-day weekend Latin American/ EU trade summit in sunny Santiago. 
      At least 45 leaders from 60 nations...as diverse as Angela Merkel, Jose Barroso and Raul Castro...may have sensed...and some projected...a new smugness...as Latin America estimates 2013 growth at 4%...while the EU continues to shuffle along in recession.
   It is the EU's first summit with the 33-member CELAC nations.
   But Brasil and Argentina were warned by EU leaders about growing their protectionism.
   Europe also wants to finish a long stalled trade deal with the Mercosur.
   Commodities, of course, are the region's main source of prosperity.
   But...the success map is not uniform. 
   Chile, Colombia and Peru shine...while Argentina and Venezuela struggle with high inflation...and other issues that drag down growth.
   While...Brasil's continued sluggishness puzzles even IMF chief Christine Lagarde.
   'I don't understand why Brasil's growth recovery rhythm is taking so long,' she told Davos leaders.
     NEW!!! : TO READ: Right protests Castro visit.

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