19 December 2012

USA/ POLITICS / MEDIA / OPINION : 21 Dec UPDATE :TV Reporter Jake Tapper Displays Impatience Over Obama's Feeble Gun Control Policies; Tapper Moves To CNN...With A Show.

      The USA's ABC-TV network news seemingly likes to employ impatient and often arrogant men to cover the White House.
      First...there was Sam Donaldson (above)...known for shouting out questions...and interrupting presidents.
      Then...Brit Hume (above)...currently employed as an elder spokesman on Murdoch's Fox network...revealing his true neo-con nature.
     Now...there is...Jake Tapper.
     Tapper simply comes off as aggressive and rude....especially with President Obama.
     Today...he challenged Obama on the administration's previous lack of action on gun control.
     'This is not the first incidence of horrific gun violence of your 4 years. Where have you been?"
     Obama replied..."I've been the President of the United States. I don't think I've been on vacation.'
     Tapper seemingly never learned in grammar school...it's not what you say...but it's how you say it.
      Even the tough questioning Brit reporters know there is a right way...to phrase the attack.

    !NEW! CNN announced hiring Tapper as its main DC correspondent; he also gets a daily 60 minute show.
     Tapper has worked for ABC since 2003. 
     This is new CNN boss Jeff Zucker's first big personnel move.