20 December 2012

CANADA : Toronto Woman Protests Confiscated Pet Monkey...Darwin.


      Only about 15 people joined realtor Yasmin Nakhuda's protest outside Toronto's Animal Services...where her pet Japanese macaque monkey named Darwin...is being held and kept from her.
      The tiny monkey got worldwide media coverage in early December when it was found wandering inside a giant Ikea store...dressed in a stylish fitted miniature sheepskin coat...and a diaper.
      City officials say Nakhuda no longer has a claim to the wild monkey...but she insists that Darwin is like a 'son' to her.
      She was fined $240 for having a prohibited animal.
      Nakhuda has gone to court to reclaim the monkey...and says she is willing to move out of Toronto for the animal.
      She told CTV..."When I call him 'son,' it's not because I'm wacko. I call him son because he has so many child-like qualities. It was not like a dog. It was not like a cat. It was something very, very different.'
      Officials have not allowed her to visit the monkey in the sanctuary.
      Nakhuda has 2 real children.