09 November 2012

USA / MEDIA CULTURE: 13 Nov UPDATE: 'Fiscal Cliff'/Hispanic Vote Next Topics To Obsess And Drone About; Election Results Show Rubio Lacks Hispanic Clout.

      With the long nonstop presidential election finally over...the USA's media now need something to harp about.
      The 2 obvious solutions are 'the fiscal cliff'...and the failure of Republicans to attract Hispanics.
      Get your TV mute button ready...prepared to block endless coverage of these 2 themes...for at least next 55 days.
     So far there are few humorous memes about the fiscal cliff...except from extreme conservative sources.
      Nothing yet on Buzzfeed, Uproxx...even Tumblr...mocking the ineptness of the USA's congress and Obama...to solve the across the board $750 billion 10 year cuts...that allegedly could send America into recession.
      Is that a good thing?
      As for Republican Hispanics...the current humorous meme...is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
     !!!NEW!!!  Time's Tim Padgett examines Marco Rubio's inability to deliver for Romney...who only got a miserable 27% of the Hispanic vote!

        TO READ: About Latino vote...now 10% of electorate...the 'key' to Obama victory: