15 November 2012

TEXAS / USA / POLITICS / HUMOR: TV Hosts Talk Secession.

      TO WATCH: 1:31 Kimmel Video

     Last night...Actor Alec Baldwin and TV host David Letterman mocked the efforts by some citizens wanting to secede from the USA.
     At least 700,000 people from 7 states...have successfully signed petitions asking that their states be allowed to leave the USA...since President Obama's re-election.
    Over 109,000 Texans have signed a White House online petition to secede.
    The minimum required is 25,000.
    Baldwin asked...'What would they call it? The United Flakes of America? The United States of Caucasia? And the people that are leading the movement, it's amazing because we actually agree on something for the first time...that secession."
     Also online...over 7,100 Austin residents have signed a petition to remain in the USA...if Texas secedes.
    Perhaps...the most humorous treatment of secession...however...was last night on Jimmy Kimmel's ABC late night talker.
    In it...a big mobbed-up guy...threatens to dampen all the speculative secession talk...with a baseball bat.

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