16 November 2012

RUSSIA / GERMANY : UPDATE: Merkel And Putin Tangle Over Trade And Pussy Riot; Bleak Gulag Life For 2 Women.

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      Meeting in Moscow...German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Vlad Putin discussed trade.
      But when their discussion veered to human rights...it got heated...especially when Merkel brought up the case of the imprisoned Pussy Riot women.
     Putin told Merkel that she was 'poorly informed'...and that one of the jailed women had allegedly hung dolls representing a gay, a Jew and a migrant worker...during a performance.
     Putin said...'We cannot support...people who take an anti-Semitic position.'
     Moscow wants to increase trade and economic ties with Berlin.
     Berlin currently gets 30% of its oil..and 40% of its nat gas from Moscow.

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