20 November 2012

NICARAGUA / COLOMBIA : 28 Nov. UPDATE: Bogota Exit 1948 Treaty After UN Gives Nicas 60% Of Disputed Caribe Border.

        2ND LINK UPDATE:

     Bogota didn't like the new UN commission ruling that gave Nicaragua 60% in a long disputed Caribe Sea border.
     It was formerly administered by Colombia...and would affect its fishermen...and possible oil/mineral rights.
     So...President Santos announced that Colombia is withdrawing from the 1948 Bogota Pact...a treaty that would have forced Bogota to comply with future rulings. 
     Bogota says it's navy will continue to patrol the waters.
     Nicaragua's new territory does not include the populous islands of San Andres and Providencia...and 7 remote islas in the San Andres archipelago.